USICAUnited States International Communications Agency
USICAUnited States-India Commercial Alliance
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According to a Los Angeles Times article by Arthur Knight, a film critic and historian, a list of 100 films was compiled by the American Film Institute and The Museum of Modern Art after which availabilities were checked by the MPAA and, working with the USICA, yielded a final list of ten films which were sent to China for screening.
Aiming to increase coordination and refocus the mission of the broadcast entities, the bill requires the USICA and the new grantee surrogate "Freedom News Network" (FNN) (see "Creation of the Freedom News Network," below), to coordinate operations and share resources and content to ensure efficiency.
A new VOA director provision sets out that position's responsibilities, and places the VOA director under the supervision of the USICA CEO.
While OCB's TV and Radio Marti are often considered surrogate broadcasters, the bill states that OCB will remain within the federal government as part of USICA. The bill contemplates that FNN would expand its programming into regions where no current individual surrogate grantee broadcaster currently operates, including sub-Saharan Africa.
international broadcasters supervised by the USICA, including those countries and regions that lack democratic rule and political and press freedom.