USIDUnique Session Identifier (open mobile platform architecture)
USIDUser Service Identifier
USIDUsc Sipi Image Database
USIDUnited States Indian Department
USIDUltrasound Identification
USIDUniversal, Sustainable, Innovative Design (India)
USIDUsable Software Interface Design (India)
USIDUnique System Identifier
USIDUnited States Infantry Division
USIDUnique Submission Identifier
USIDUS Internet Developers (Manitowoc, WI)
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USID will ensure the uniqueness corresponding to the student records in various academic processes and associated online systems.
purchase orders framework agreement for the supply and delivery of plumbing equipment and materials for the benefit of regulated dependent USID Besancon, Chalons, Colmar, Luxeuil, Metz, Nancy, Phalsbourg Saint-Dizier, Strasbourg and Verdun.