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USIMUniversiti Sains Islam Malaysia
USIMUser Services Identity Module (UMTS)
USIMUnited States International Mission (US and Vietnam)
USIMUMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) Subscriber Identity Module (information storage and connection smartcard)
USIMUniversal Subscriber Identity Module
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Bandar Baru Nilai: Penerbit USIM (Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia/Malaysian University of Islamic Sciences).
We are glad to have supported the Common Criteria certification of Oberthur Technologies' open Java USIM and flash memory platform.
FOMA is compatible with standard UMTS, both via the radio link as well as via USIM card exchange, and hence provides several alternative options for global roaming: either with or without change of handset.
The use of FIME's services to test JCB's J/Speedy products allows mobile handset, USIM and dual interface card makers to confirm that the application layer of their products fulfills the needs laid out by the payments system for all types of contactless payment.
Table 5: Market for SIM Cards in Brazil (2011): PercentageShare Breakdown of Number of SIM Cards Per Person (includescorresponding Graph/Chart) II-7Migration to 3G & 4G Networks to Spur Sales of UICC & USIM Cards II-7Migration from GSM to 3G UMTS Mobile Telephony Drives USIM cards II-8Scheduled Deployment of LTE & 4G Networks to ExpandApplication for UICC SIM Card II-8Competition Triggers SIM Upgradations II-9SIM Migration Packs: A Sweetener for Upgrading to HigherCapacity SIM Cards II-10NFC Based SIM Cards: The Latest Game Changer II-10SIM Card Registration: A Pressing Need II-10Outlook II-11
Removing the limitations of SMS technology, OTA over IP enables operators to download a 32 Kbytes applet into the (U)SIM or back-up a 250-entry USIM multimedia phonebook in one minute, which is 30 time faster than download over SMS.
Moreover, the digital key is safely stored in an USIM an upgraded SIM with improved security.
As the Japanese mobile industry (including KDDI and NTT DoCoMo) moves to USIM and 3G adoption, they are likely to start with 64k and migrate to 128K this year.
This will allow customers to access 4G services through a new 4G USIM card without charging or registering their number.
Euronext: LU0121706294 - GEM and NASDAQ: GEMP), the world's leading provider of smart card based solutions, announces the deployment of its GemConnect OTA platform for "3 mobile" in Australia - Hutchison Telecom's 3G network - and their first successful campaign update to over 470,000 USIM cards in 3's 3G network.
The report also entails Korean mobile carriers' strategies to boost data service revenue in 3G by applying USIM based mobile convergence service and HSDPA+Mobile WiMax integrated services via the world first data handover between heterogeneous networks.
3G Technology Adoption Boost Demand for USIM Cards 69