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"She's hurt infernally, all right--plague take that autymobile!--but I don't guess Miss Polly'd be usin' that word, all the same."
"An' when you said you'd report me for usin' obscene language that was `ittin' me over the `ead.
I hope the gen'lmen and der fair sex will scuse my usin' an or'nary sort o' 'parison.
If ever you're attacked with the gout, sir, jist you marry a widder as has got a good loud woice, with a decent notion of usin' it, and you'll never have the gout agin.
BEFORE honoring rights of animals and advocating against torturing the animals, who cannot express their feelingsto usin a language nor can their weak self defend against human strength and superiority, people need to stop killing and eating animals at the first place!
Predicted signal corresponds to [[??].sub.6000],...,[[??].sub.6999] of the serial prediction trials (Section 3.2) usin the sample numbered 9.
parks, without free will to the park Asked should not should for usin"This consultation has been an incredibly valuable exercise in bringing to the fore what residents think about and use our parks for Kim McGuinness
Gordillo, Fixed bed counter-current low temperature gasification of dairy biomass and coal-daiy biomass blends usin air-steam as oxidizer [PhD dissertation], Texas A&M University, 2009.
[rho]' = -[OMEGA]/2[pi] [[integral].sup.2[pi]/[OMEGA].sub.0] 1/[OMEGA] Usin ([OMEGA][tau] + [phi]) d[tau] [phi]' -[OMEGA]/2[pi] [[integral].sup.2[pi]/[OMEGA].sub.0] 1/[rho][OMEGA] Usin ([OMEGA][tau] + [phi]) d[tau] (27)
High performance liquid chromatography assay for the simultaneous monitoring of mefloquine and its acid metabolite in biological samples usin protein precipitation and ion-pair extraction.
Howeve in order for the powerful attack to be unleashed, the player must have the Z-Crystal for the specific type of PokAaAaAeA@mon he or she is usin