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In accordance with the Invitrogen manual, eDNA was synthesized, by using random hexamers (Takara Bio Inc., Kyoto, Japan) and Superscript III (Invitrogen, Carlsbad, CA, USA) lacking RNase H activity, at 50[degrees]C for 1 h.
If you can print a prototype layer by layer using plastic as a base or print a core using chemically bonded sand, why not skip the middle-material and go directly to metal?
We were in our pajamas still just using the Internet.
Aliquots from dilutions of selected Aroclors in transformer oil (SRMs 3077 and 3075) with toluene were analyzed directly (no cleanup) by GC-ECD using conditions used for oil analyses [1] and a DB-5 column.
In theory, only the person or machine doing the scrambling and the recipient of the cyphertext know how to decrypt or unscramble the data since it will have been encrypted using an agreed-upon set of keys.
If one is using surface charge or zeta potential, the best target charge is slightly negative or near zero for the treated stream.
A Hindustani word, lotahs are water containers used to clean yourself after using the toilet.
Since its invention at Bell Laboratories in 1970, researchers began using the CCD camera as a scientific tool long before consumers took advantage of digital cameras.
On a first premolar I noticed two darkish areas in the occlusal pits, commonly referred to as "snake eyes." I chose to explore these for decay using the Fissurotomy instrument (SS White).
While some of this is undoubtedly greenwashing, Michael Klein, a spokesperson for the American Forest and Paper Association, asserts that the industry is currently using all the recycled paper it can get.