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In a statement Tuesday, the USINPAC that works on issues that concern the community said it "strongly condemns the arrest procedures undertaken by the US Marshal Service and the State Department's Diplomatic Security Officials in last week's arrest of Devyani Khobragade, the deputy consul-general of India, in New York City." All too often the diplomat is held at ransom and blackmailed, something quite easy to engage in, especially if you have advisers.
To this end, in the run-up to the polls, USINPAC held policy dialogues with both Bush and Kerry.
USINPAC chairperson Sanjay Puri said: "While the security of the US borders and the protection of American jobs are of prime importance, it should not be done to score points during a heated political climate.
We expect a little better from our leaders on our issues...and we are constantly looking at their challengers," said Sanjay Puri, the USINPAC chairman.
USINPAC had earlier alerted the Senate to the potential damage the provision would cause to the US economy by permanently moving such jobs out of the country and negatively impacting US-India trade relations.
USINPAC Chairman Sanjay Puri said that the organization puts candidates in contact with big donors in the Indian community and helps them plan fundraisers and events.
Sanjay Puri, the chairman of USINPAC said," The first state visit being hosted by President Obama is being viewed with hope and optimism as the two leaders can build on a strong bilateral relationship that is a legacy of the previous administration.
Responding to Khan's statements, USINPAC Chairman, Sanjay Puri, said "It is troubling to see that the man Time Magazine called the world's most dangerous nuclear trafficker is busy gloating on TV about his nuclear proliferation exploits.
USINPAC Chairman, Sanjay Puri, expressed the organization's concern about the Pakistan aid bill by saying that while the new Pakistan assistance legislation passed by Congress last week has provisions that are intended to direct Pakistan military purchases towards a counterinsurgency mission, the U.S.
Bharat Tewarie, USINPAC leadership committee member from Massachusetts said, "Senator Kennedy was the senior statesman of American politics with a public service record of nearly half a century.
Washington, Aug.18 (ANI): The US India Political Action Committee (USINPAC) has termed the questioning and checking of Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan at the Newark International Airport in New Jersey as a teaching moment, and while lauding immigration officials for their professionalism, has demanded fair treatment to all tourists and visitors.
Washington, July 29 (ANI): The US-India Political Action Committee (USINPAC) has congratulated the members of the Senate Caucus on India for hosting a very successful reception to honor Meera Shankar, India's new ambassador to Washington.