USINTUnsigned SINT (Small Integer)
USINTUnited States Interest Section (diplomatic office in Havana, Cuba)
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USINT employs 51 American direct hires, 14 eligible family members and about 300 Cubans, who are selected by the Cuban government.
As the United States and Cuba have no formal diplomatic relations, contact between USINT personnel and the Cuban government is kept to a minimum.
On the assumption that the foreign sector is exogenous to the New Zealand economy, DUSGDP, USINT and DTOT are specified as causally prior to the domestic variables.
The causal ordering within the foreign block is based on the assumption that the terms of trade is contemporaneously responsive to shocks to DUSGDP and USINT, and that the US real interest rate responds contemporaneously to shocks to DUSGDP.
In January 2006, USINT installed a billboard on its fifth floor that scrolls current events, quotes and human-interest stories to the citizens of Havana.
No matter whether a foreign business invests $10 million or $100 million, the GOC's investment will always add up to 51%," the unhappy Chinese diplomat told USINT staff.
The first woman ever to head USINT, Vicki Huddleston had already served as coordinator of the State Department's Office of Cuban Affairs before beginning her stint in Havana.
Cuban relations in general, though she insists she "didn't start out being pro-active" as chief of USINT.
Interests Section in Havana released this statement about how USINT issues visas for resettlement in the United States:
USINT has been operating in Havana since 1977, when Castro and then-President Carter agreed to open low-level missions in each other's countries, after 17 years of no diplomatic relations at all.
Cuba's reponsibility under the accords to permit USINT personnel to travel outside Havana to monitor returned migrants, and Cuba's obligation under international law to accept the return of Cuban nationals determined to be excludable from the United States.
The harassment begins from the moment USINT personnel and their belongings enter Cuba," says the cable.