USINTUnsigned SINT (Small Integer)
USINTUnited States Interest Section (diplomatic office in Havana, Cuba)
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In that cable, the USINT chief suggested that new generation of "non-traditional dissidents" such as blogger Yoani Sanchez would have more impact in post-Castro Cuba, but that "the most immediate successors to the Castro regime will probably come from within the middle ranks of the government itself."
The first woman ever to head USINT, Vicki Huddleston had already served as coordinator of the State Department's Office of Cuban Affairs before beginning her stint in Havana.
They authorized the outreach program in which USINT spent $280,000 to distribute books and radios.
31], when he said that the USINT selects teachers, architects, engineers and other professionals to resettle permanently in the United States as part of the U.S.
USINT has been operating in Havana since 1977, when Castro and then-President Carter agreed to open low-level missions in each other's countries, after 17 years of no diplomatic relations at all.
"As soon as the Cuban government lets us know that it is ready to discuss a productive agenda, we'll be ready to consider scheduling another round of migration talks," said the USINT chief.
"USINT personnel can expect to live without privacy for the duration of their time in Cuba," said the State Department brief.
With usint: Central Bank interest rate; usnom: nominal GDP; usnomt: nominal GDP target; usinf: inflation expectations; and usinft: inflation target.
The USINT immediately released a denial and pointed out on its Web site that in 2012 the US approved 29,000 visas, well above the 20,000 agreed upon in bilateral agreements, and that, in the first half of 2013, 16,767 visas were granted.
In January 2006, USINT installed a billboard on its fifth floor that scrolls current events, quotes and human-interest stories to the citizens of Havana.
On the assumption that the foreign sector is exogenous to the New Zealand economy, DUSGDP, USINT and DTOT are specified as causally prior to the domestic variables.
where rx = nominal exchange rate, int = domestic policy rate, usint = US policy rate, and [epsilon] = country specific risk premium.