USIOUnited States Implementing Organization (part of the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program, an international research program)
USIOUS Industrial Outlook (publication; US DOC; now World Trade Outlook)
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(3) Institute of Nature and Environmental Technology, Kanazawa University, Kanazawa 920-1192, Japan Correspondence should be addressed to Nisikawa Usio;
Usio (2000) reported significant reductions in aquatic invertebrates in the presence of crayfish.
Several studies measured aggressive interactions, both in intraspecific and interspecific pairs or groups of crayfish, in the presence of vital resources such as shelter and food (Capelli and Hamilton, 1984; Ranta and Lindstrom, 1992; Peeke et al., 1995; Figler et al., 1999; Usio et al., 2001; Bergman and Moore, 2003).
When Valla talks about these terms, he makes only a grammatical point, saying that there is no difference between "motus" and "motio" (movement), just as there is no difference between "cultio" and "cultus" (adoration), "usio" and "usus" (use), "agressio" and "agressus" (aggression), and a host of other terms, because linguistic practice does not show a difference in use, and hence in meaning.
My one-year deal with Usio Energy lasted less than six months before they folded.
Usio Energy New London firm installs smart meters in all customers' homes.