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USISUnited States Imagery System
USISUnited States Investigations Services
USISUgandan Schools Information Service
USISUnited Societies in Space (Colorado)
USISUser-to-User Indicator (Signaling System #7)
USISUnited States Information Service
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USIS currently processes more than two million investigative cases per year using four different case tracking systems.
USIS and Odyssey employ Communications Workers of America (CWA) employees and have in the past filed several complaints against the IBEW Local 3 with the National Labor Relations Board, alleging unfair labor practices.
This re-competed contract award ensures that USIS will continue to provide critical support of the U.
Recent world events have led to fluctuating fuel and oil prices around the globe, resulting in a greater emphasis on stricter pollution standards, more efficient fuel systems and electronic control of engines to achieve better emission standards in first world countries," said Simon Butler, co-founder of USIS Group.
Henderson said the USIS Network Associate program offers other advantages as well.
USIS' Health Care Solutions Group is strategically poised and perfectly positioned to become the industry leading provider of fraud prevention solutions to the medical industry," said Damon Hudson, vice president, Investigative Programs at USIS.
Just 18 months ago, USIS opened its first office in Manhattan with only two employees.
Goldman joined USIS in 2005 as the director of productivity, primarily focused on implementing programs to improve the performance of the field organization in the former Investigative Services Division (ISD) of USIS.
In partnership with Department of State ATA, USIS currently provides training and equipment to foreign law enforcement and security organizations based upon formal onsite needs assessments.
USIS will continue to operate under the same name, simply adding a parent company endorsement line--USIS, an Altegrity company.
Labat-Anderson, which was acquired by USIS in May of this year, has more than 600 employees and is headquartered in McLean, Va.
Established in 1996, USIS helps businesses, federal agencies, and institutions protect critical assets, evaluate information, and identify and mitigate risk.