USISLUnited Systems of Independent Soccer Leagues (now United Soccer Leagues)
USISLUnited States International Soccer League
USISLUnited States Indoor Soccer League
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The eight-team tournament also will feature Kansas City, Dallas and Tampa Bay of the MLS, three A-League teams and the Carolina Dynamo of the USISL.
Vanney, who is on the Galaxy's developmental roster, had played a USISL game for the Sacramento Scorpions in Reno on Saturday night and had planned on driving over to San Jose just to watch Sunday's match.
This week United signed long-coveted forward Tony Sennah from the USISL and it is pursuing English international Chris Waddle, though that remains a long shot.
He got a red card in the first game, forcing the team to bring in USISL keeper Aidan Heaney, who is now firmly entrenched as the starter.
Around town: The San Fernando Valley Golden Eagles of the USISL (that would be the United Systems of Independent Soccer Leagues) opens its season tonight against the Arizona Phoenix (not to be confused with Phoenix, Arizona) tonight at 7 at Valley College.