USITUniversitetets Senter for Informasjonsteknologi (Norwegian: University Center for Information Technology)
USITUnified Structured Inventive Thinking
USITUnit Share Investment Trust
USITUltrasonic Imaging Tool (cement bond logging)
USITUSIT Ireland Ltd. (not an acronym; formerly Union of Students in Ireland Travel)
USITUEC (USX (US Steel) Engineers and Consultants, Inc.) SAIL (Steel Authority of India., Ltd.) Information Technology (India)
USITUllevål Sykehus It (Norwegian)
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Elton.This letter tells usit is a short letterwritten in a hurry, merely to give us noticeit tells us that they are all coming up to town directly, on Mrs.
USIT, the fund manager, provides Fitch with monthly information, including details of the portfolio's holdings, credit quality and transactions, to maintain bond fund ratings.
The fund is advised by Union Securities Investment Trust Co., Ltd (USIT), which is 35% owned by Union Bank of Taiwan and 62.5% owned by the bank's associates.
Officials from the US Embassy and Department of Foreign Affairs will join the Council on International Educational Exchange and visa agency USIT at a briefing session in University College Dublin.
Zoya Paunova, CEO of Astra Zeneca Bulgaria, Rositsa Pancheva, Manager of Usit Colours Bulgaria, Hristo Iliev, Chair of the Board of Directors and CEO of AG Capital and Borislav Stratev Managing Partner of Deloitte Bulgaria were reelected for another term.
If your mobile phone has a camera, you can snap anything you find interesting, intriguing or amusing and text it to usIt may be a family reunion, a news picture, or an unusual view - just snap and send to 07834 446 922.
To take your first step closer to the land of snow, check out the great deals on offer by usit CAMPUS.
Young people's travel specialists USIT Adventures offer a host of accommodation and excursions across the country from a tour of Soweto to my two-night safari.
Instead she advises travellers to buy a world air return, available from Usit Campus for pounds 789, which will allow travellers to make six stopovers around the world.
The hitch is sponsored by Usit Campus, Rough Guides and Lowe Alpine who put up prizes for those who raise the most sponsorship money.
The tours were organised by GAP travel and can be booked through USIT.
You can get both from student travel offices such as Usit Campus Travel.