USIUU-Bus System Interface Unit
USIUUnited States International University
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Although USIU has no formal architecture program, the University of Houston sends a class of architecture students along with their professor to study Mexico's 16th-century aqueducts, haciendas and other colonial structures.
Executives from top regional businesses including Safaricom and Kenya Airways sit on interview panels at Nairobi's USIU and also provide first-hand insight for case studies.
Julio, Jay and the staff of USIU bring a wealth of talent that will be shared across Southeast Florida.
This venture has enormous potential for both institutions," Hays told the USIU campus community.
USIU already has an undergraduate program and some graduate programs not offered by Alliant.
Delivering the Master's of Arts in Education degree over the Internet will allow USIU to reach a far wider student audience," said Garry Hays, president of USIU.
We're going to put more pressure on USIU in the front and the sides.
USIU will conduct required strategic management courses while UCSD Extension's elective courses will allow participants to apply strategic thinking to one of four functional fields -- financial management, marketing and communications, leadership and organization or international business.
Coach Jim Rickard's team beat USIU, but lost to Christian Heritage this season.
In brief, USIU is part of The Master's NAIA Far West Region.
Then the shots kept coming and coming at USIU goalkeepers.
The Mustangs (9-10) meant business right from the kickoff, attacking the USIU zone for an early corner kick three minutes into the first half.