USKIUstredie Slovenskej Krestanskej Inteligencie (Slovak: Slovak Christian Intelligence Headquarters)
USKIUniwersytecka Szkola Ksztalcenia Indywidualnego (Polish: University Individual Training School)
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Khan stole the show, literally, when she emerged from behind the stage in dark blue jeans and a long overcoat, softly singing Strings's hit song Uski Zulfain Khuli amidst loud cheers from the audience.
Gallucci said he was "deeply disappointed" with the South Korean government's decision to end funding for the USKI, calling it the "exercise of inappropriate influence on power based on a funding relationship."
The council cited the USKI's failure to comply with a demand to provide a proper financial report on where the funding was used as a reason for the decision.
Aman aur uski toli, la rahe hain hassi ki goli...This week, June 20 to 23, Mon- day to Thursday at 8.30pm, in Lo Kallo Baat, Aman's toli of the oomph girl Miss Tana Tan and Chotelal welcomes the three main characters of Delhi Belli-Imran, Vir Das & Kunal Roy Kapur, who made it to the set of Lo Kallo Baat to chat up with funny man & host Aman Verma.
The search is now over, as I strongly believe that Ciklum is the best Own Development Team model provider in Eastern Europe," stated Riku Uski, the founder and CEO of Bitital.
Thanks to Tommi Uski and Kin-ii Forsberg for their work in the development of the ultrasonic measurement device and the FE model.
He had to come back to the dais when the audience appealed for his famous ghazal Eoe1/4" Uski kaththai aankhon mein hain jantar mantar sab, chaaqu vaaqu, churiyan vuriyan, khanjar vanjar sab.
Reinstrup, P., Stahl, N., Mellergard, P., Uski, T., Ungerstedt, U., & Nordstrom, C.
Khwab uske hain jo chora le jaai; Neend uski hai jo ura le jaai; Zulf uski hai jo use chhoo le; Baat uski hai jo bana le jaai.
Struggling Bridgend Town opted to put Uski nfirst but it was a good wicket and Usk piled up 235-6 with player/ coach Mike Jones making a fine 83.
Earthquakes that occur in the area are attributed to ridge push forces originating from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge or to postglacial rebound (e.g., Husebye and Mantyniemi, 2005; Gregersen and Basham, 1989; Lundqvist and Lageiback, 1976; Lagerback, 1979; Slunga, 1989; Arvidsson and Kulhanek, 1994; Uski et al., 2003).