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USKOKUred za Suzbijanje Korupcije i Organiziranog Kriminaliteta (Croatian: Office for Combating Corruption and Organized Crime)
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SIPA spokesperson Luka Miladinovic told FENA that it was a co-ordinated action that is being conducted with the MoI of Croatia and USKOK by searching housing, movable property and persons on multiple locations in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia.
However, the official USKOK website states that more journalists are expected to testify.
The investigations and prosecution of 'big fish' are often disturbed by political interference and USKOK investigations on high-corruption cases suffer from a lack of support from a majority of political leaders (EC 2009d).
The uskoks of Senj were irregular soldiers of the Habsburg Military Frontier in the sixteenth century, who lived by warfare or banditry, depending on the occasion and the perspective, and acted from their Adriatic base at the borders of the Habsburg, Ottoman, and Venetian empires.
The BiH Prosecutor's Office and the BiH Border Police, together with USKOK and the Croatian Ministry of Interior, conducted an extensive campaign targeting more than 20 people suspected of organized smuggling of illegal immigrants through BiH and Croatia to EU countries.
According to the amendments to the Croatian Penal Code (article 82), if a case falls under the authority of the specialized prosecutors who work in the Office for Suppression of Organized Crime and Corruption (USKOK), it shall be assumed that all of a defendant's property was acquired by criminal offences, unless the defendant can prove the legal origin of assets.
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