USLDUnité de Soins Longue Durée
USLDUS Long Distance
USLDUnion Sportive Loire Divatte (French soccer club; est. 1995; La Chapelle-Basse-Mer, France)
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We are also continuing to build on our strengths with the rapid expansion of our owned domestic fiber network, and the strategic addition of companies, such as the pending acquisition of USLD.
agreement to acquire San Antonio, Texas-based USLD Communications Corp.
Following passage of that legislation, he obtained local certification for USLD in 22 states.
Teltrust currently provides nationwide directory assistance services for such companies as USLD, The Travelers Group, J.
Previously, he was chairman, president and chief executive officer of USLD Communications (then U.
Total quantity or scope: Insurance contracts for the construction of a nursing home / USLD / UHR / ASAP 98 beds.
A lawsuit was filed yesterday against USLD and its affiliates Qwest and LCI in the 67th District Court of Texas over the slamming and cramming of numerous consumers.
Works contract for the extension and restructuring of existing buildings on the hospital websiteOn Equemauville (14) for conducting a USLD 30 beds and a nursing home beds + 7 148 places in day Home.
USLD has entered into an agreement with GTE to provide repair and refund services (211) for GTE pay telephones nationwide.
A-uvre prime market for the construction of an extension of 91 ehpad beds, 4 beds USLD, pasa 14 beds, 10 day care places in ehpad to make gentle the hospital Angouleme site.