USLOUS Liaison Officer (US Navy)
USLOUnited States Liaison Officer
USLOUniversity Students for Law and Order
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Military officers were seconded to Oakley's staff, and UNITAF provided senior, experienced liaison officers to meet regularly with USLO, UN, and NGO agencies.
With USLO's assistance, MET members set up the teaching venue on 21-22 April 2005 and then taught the course 23 April through 4 May 2005.
MET members believe that they achieved the purpose of their visit to UAE, and all agree that this is due in large part to the great cooperation from USLO. As mentioned above, good coordination early in the planning process laid the groundwork for success.
The lieutenant commander sea and overseas detailer had included "United States Liaison Office (USLO) Eritrea" on a billet list, which he had just faxed me.
Primjerice, hrvatsko vojno nazivlje uslo je u opcu upotrebu tek 1990.