USLONUpravlenie Severnykh Lagerey Osobogo Naznacheniya (Directorate of Northern Special-Significance Camps, Soviet Union)
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Average monthly Average monthly commodity commodity turnover per turnover District 1 store, District per 1 store, name thousand rubles name thousand rubles High rate Low rate Yutazinsky 365 Sarmanovo 87 Almetyevsk 331 Alkeyevsky 107 Drozhzhanovsky 326 Apastovo 129 Verkhny Uslon 292 Kukmor 144 Table 2: Convenience stores in Tatarstan system of consumer cooperation.
However within the area of Verhny Uslon settlement where Volga envelopes Verkhneuslonsky brachyanticline the core of which is composed of Permian limestones and dolomites resistant to erosion the offset value does not exceed 8-10 km.
Conjuring a version of Frederick Jackson Turner's frontier thesis, Eikhmans wrote that the first labor camp, Solovetskii (USLON, which he had directed from 1924-28), had single-handedly developed the entire Murmansk frontier.