USLTAUnited States Lawn Tennis Association
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She noted that her award belonged to many and she singled out Buddy Walker, Fred Johnson, Doctors Johnson and Eaton, Llewellyn, Buxton, the ATA, and the USLTA.
It was Tilden's habit of criticizing the USLTA in public that its stodgy leaders found even more disturbing.
But the USLTA said, `You're going to make them professional if you do this advertising at the stations.
Johnson, too was stopped at the door, but when he threatened to take legal action, the USLTA capitulated.
In 1963, Ashe became the first black man to win a USLTA tourney, the Hardcourts, an event that Oscar Johnson had crashed ten years earlier.
The name of the tournament was changed from the USLTA National Championships to the U.
She also won several doubles championships, including the Wimbledon women's doubles in 1957 and 1958 and USLTA mixed doubles 1957.