USMARCUS Machine Readable Cataloging
USMARCUnited States Meat Animal Research Center
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The amplified genomic DNA in the initial study from 1 WC boar and 7 sows [2MIxWC, 2DUx WC, 2MExWC, 1FExWC] at USMARC were cloned into pCRII vector (Invitrogen, Carlsbad, CA, USA) and sequenced in both directions.
For example, a mediation facility translating among n metadata attribute sets might attempt first to translate to USMARC and then to translate from there to the desired target set.
From the producer's standpoint, animal's feed efficiency--how much feed results in a unit of growth--is more economically important," says USMARC geneticist Larry Kuehn.
El formato de los registros contempla las normalizaciones internacionales: AARR2 [sic] y USMARC .
To do this, the company is working closely with ZDB (Zeitschriftendatenbank), an organization that offers bibliographic services to libraries, including the reformatting of USMARC records into the MAB format.
An examination of data elements for bibliographic description: Toward a conceptual schema for the USMARC formats.
Interestingly enough, however, ILSs in both technical- and public-service views have been designed in a chaotic environment, without any requirements for standard displays and features other than a minimum capability to import and export records in the USMARC communications format (now called MARC21).
Records are transmitted in USMARC format, thus patrons can search, retrieve and display records using their local system's familiar interface.
50 based client server applications for Libraries supporting USMARC record structure with browse and keyword capability, ability to search single, multiple and ADVANCE subset databases and email bibliography result sets.
The USMARC research team led by geneticist Tara McDaneld has discovered one reason for reproductive failure is that some females have introduced segments of the male (Y) chromosome in their genome.
For several years, hyperlinks in the USMARC 856 fields have allowed catalog users to easily connect to electronic resources.
se produjo un acontecimiento de gran relevancia para el formato USMARC, y en general, para toda la familia MARC: la unificacion del USMARC con el CANMARC --el MARC canadiense- en un solo formato, denominado MARC 21.