USMARCUS Machine Readable Cataloging
USMARCUnited States Meat Animal Research Center
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USMARC researchers also are looking at heat tolerance in pigs.
The genotypes were determined in WC and ME boars (n = 10 each), the grandparents that were used to generate the 1/2MEx1/2WC parents, and the 84 boars of 16 litters from mating of 1/2MEx1/2WC parents at USMARC (Table 1; Figure 2).
For example, a mediation facility translating among n metadata attribute sets might attempt first to translate to USMARC and then to translate from there to the desired target set.
Heaton started building the panel in the 1990s but only began the genomic sequencing of all 96 animals in the last 2 years, with help from USMARC chemist Timothy Smith.
An examination of data elements for bibliographic description: Toward a conceptual schema for the USMARC formats.
Interestingly enough, however, ILSs in both technical- and public-service views have been designed in a chaotic environment, without any requirements for standard displays and features other than a minimum capability to import and export records in the USMARC communications format (now called MARC21).
Records are transmitted in USMARC format, thus patrons can search, retrieve and display records using their local system's familiar interface.
Meat Animal Research Center (USMARC) in Clay Center, Nebraska, have evaluated thousands of cattle for traits that are economically important but difficult to measure, and they have genotyped more than 15,000 of these animals.