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USMCUnited States Marine Corps
USMCUncle Sam's Misguided Children
USMCU Suckers Missed Christmas
USMCUnited Shoe Machinery Corporation
USMCUnited States Manufacturing Corporation (Rutledge, TN)
USMCUnited States Marine Commission (World War II era merchant control body)
USMCUterine Smooth Muscle Cell
USMCUS Monster Club (car club; France)
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In this study we show that, to prevent excess purchase of supplies and equipment, and to realize significant organizational savings that might release funds to be used in other critical areas, the USMC should expand use of DDS inventory to meet its current and anticipated requirements.
The credit option saves the USMC millions of dollars in hours of uniformed duty, as many Marines earn enough credit in the summer to accelerate their college careers by a semester," said Moffett.
Incompatibilities between the Army and Marine documentation databases created issues with the receipt of cargo from the USMC to the Army systems.
When factoring in several components, such as the cost of buying and maintaining an on-premise option, having selected VirtualLogger instead of an on-premise system allowed USMC to achieve savings that "would easily be $100,000 per year," Blake says.
USMC 3RD MARINE DIVISION--June 10-12, 2005, Las Vegas, Nevada, Contact Thomas Trapasso, Phone (315) 938-5039, Email TetVetM60@aol.
The existing FLIR system is a 256x256 device, but the USMC is currently conducting flight tests at China Lake, CA, using a 51 2x640 FLIR.
The AIT2 tape technology selected for the USMC data protection installations provides a powerful combination of capacity, transfer rates, density, and reliability.
Under a demonstration contract with the USMC announced last fall, Sonex converted the existing spark-ignited, single-cylinder, two-stroke gasoline-fueled engines from five Exdrone UAV's to start and operate on JP-5, a standard military heavy fuel.
PHH USMC currently maintains a $7 billion servicing portfolio; and is the fifth-largest seller of mortgages to Fannie Mae.
The final day addresses EW concerns from the USMC and the Royal Marines.
Earlier, Dr Mamazza was part of the United States Marine Corps (USMC) and USMC Reserve.
After the departure of Brigadier General O'Meara and Colonel Price, Lieutenant Colonel Folsom and Captain Paez were joined by Major George Cadwalader, USMC, senior instructor at the U.