USMRUnited States Marine Repair
USMRUniform Statewide Monthly Reimbursement (California)
USMRUnited States Military Reserve
USMRUS Mounted Rifles (Army Mounted troops from the early 1800s)
USMRUnited States Mortgage Reduction, Inc. (Jensen Beach, FL)
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market returns is what may justify the weak significance of USMR in explaining the time-series variability in fund premium changes (see Table 2).
Time-Series Regressions of Fund Premium Changes [DELTA]SPRD LMR USMR [DELTA]FFI EXR Country funds (19) 1 7 4 19 11 (-) (-) (+) (+) (+) Regional equity 11 9 3 14 4 funds (15) (-) (-) (+) (+) (-) Global bond 7 2 1 10 1 funds (10) (+) (+) (-) (+) (-) lqdty ExVol Adj [R.
7 million in revenue from USMR, America's largest non-nuclear ship repair, modernization, overhaul and conversion Company.
The new orders included $218 million in new and existing orders from USMR and $102 million in additional Bradley business.
Early in the quarter, United Defense took on an additional $300 million of debt to acquire USMR.
Monty has been instrumental to the growth of USMR these past four years," said USMR President, Al Krekich.
As a valued member of a strong USMR team, Monty established an employee culture focused on safety and exceptional customer service that will endure," said Tom Rabaut, CEO of United Defense.
Since the July 2002 acquisition of USMR, UDI has paid down $133 million of bank debt while still increasing cash on the balance sheet.
Since the USMR acquisition, UDI has repaid $133 million of debt, resulting in solid credit protection measures for the rating category, with leverage, as defined by debt-to-EBITDAP, of 2.
The first-quarter results a year ago did not include USMR, which United Defense acquired in July 2002 to become America's largest non-nuclear ship repair, modernization and conversion company.
USMR received $133 million in new orders in the first quarter