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USMSUnited States Masters Swimming
USMSUnited States Marshals Service
USMSUS Merchant Systems
USMSUnited States Maritime Service
USMSUniversal Short Message Service
USMSUnstable Slope Management System
USMSUmrao Singh Memorial School
USMSUndergraduate Science and Mathematics Symposium
USMSUnited States MASINT System
USMSUnit Suggestion Management Scheme
USMSUnited South Middle School (Laredo, TX)
USMSUniversity Study Management System
USMSUnited States Meteorological Service
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It's a program for adults looking for some sort of structured workout to reach the goals that they have," says Mel Goldstein, a past president of USMS who runs the Indy SwimFit program in Indianapolis.
The witness must accept all security precautions (including a name change) mandated by the USMS.
Because the courthouse has many exits, they cannot all be guarded by security personnel, notes Jim Meehan, quality assurance representative for the USMS court security program of Mosler Inc.
GEO expects to begin the intake of USMS detainees in the third quarter of 2008.
We are looking forward to working closely with CTT and USMS to further commercialize the products and processes that USMS has developed," said Rick Wasserman, Pinnacle's President and Chief Executive Officer.
USMS executive director Rob Butcher said that Armstrong is a member of USMS and thus is eligible to swim, adding that their mission is that they encourage swimming among adults.
The facility currently houses approximately 120 USMS inmates, some of which will be transferred to other Company facilities.
In this role, MMREM will provide pre-seizure title products and disposal of forfeited residential and commercial real estate for the USMS Asset Forfeiture Division.
The facility currently houses approximately 100 USMS inmates, some of which will be transferred to other CCA facilities.
These shooting incidents are being investigated jointly by the Wixom Police Department, Oakland County Sheriff's Office, Ingham County Sheriff's Office, Livingston Sheriff's Office, and Walled Lake Police Department, Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Michigan State Police, ATF, USMS and the FBI.
This is a very welcome outcome, given the serious nature and pervasiveness of the racial discrimination within the USMS since at least the mid-1990s.