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USMSUnited States Masters Swimming
USMSUnited States Marshals Service
USMSUS Merchant Systems
USMSUnited States Maritime Service
USMSUniversal Short Message Service
USMSUnstable Slope Management System
USMSUmrao Singh Memorial School
USMSUndergraduate Science and Mathematics Symposium
USMSUnited States MASINT System
USMSUnit Suggestion Management Scheme
USMSUnited South Middle School (Laredo, TX)
USMSUniversity Study Management System
USMSUnited States Meteorological Service
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The USMS serves as the lead federal law enforcement agency responsible for investigating violations of the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006 (AWA).
But the report found that the USMS is not notified of alarm events at judges' homes and has no way of monitoring or tracking them: "The USMS was unable to respond to the OIG's request that it identify the number of alarm events which had occurred at judges' residences .
In addition to laying out his framework for the Pragmatist Judge and proposing that courts use the USMS database, Edwards also engages in a thorough review of the different criticisms of legal pragmatism (71) and identifies two main categories.
The company signed its first contract with USMS in 1992 and now supplies court security officers in nine of twelve judicial circuits.
To find a nearby local program, check out the USMS Web site at www.
For USMS, a shortage in detention space near federal court cities has forced the agency to transport inmates to facilities located in other, distant states.
This language suggests that the DOJ (and in particular, the BOP, the USMS, and the INS) can draft innovative agreements that benefit both the government and the contractor.
is less severe than it might have been: the detailed USMS offense codes,
The objective of this paper is to use the results from previous efforts and analyses to demonstrate as a proof-of-concept a method for assigning priorities to several action items, which in this paper are USMS MNs.
The national organization has about 42,000 members, according to Jim Miller, a physician in Richmond, Virginia, who serves as president of United States Masters Swimming, or USMS for short.
For example, the Chief of the Staff of the Judicial Conference's Committee on Financial Disclosure told us that he sometimes contacts judges who do not request redactions but whose USMS consultations show that they face specific security threats.