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USMSUnited States Masters Swimming
USMSUnited States Marshals Service
USMSUnited States Military Service
USMSUS Merchant Systems
USMSUnited States Maritime Service
USMSUniversal Short Message Service
USMSUnstable Slope Management System
USMSUmrao Singh Memorial School
USMSUndergraduate Science and Mathematics Symposium
USMSUnited States MASINT System
USMSUnit Suggestion Management Scheme
USMSUnited South Middle School (Laredo, TX)
USMSUniversity Study Management System
USMSUnited States Meteorological Service
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Global Used Serviceable Material (USM) Market Research Report: Information by Product Type (Engine, Components and Airframe), Aircraft Type (Narrow Body, Wide Body, Turboprop and Regional), Provider Type (OEM and Non-OEM) and Region (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, The Middle East and Africa and Latin America) - Forecast till 2024
The terminology S7-US-NS means taking a group of seismic tests on the USMS model at the NS-direction with the target PGA of 88 cm/[s.sup.2], and, similarly, S7-S-EW refers to taking a group of seismic tests on the SMS model at the EW-direction with the target PGA of 88 cm/[s.sup.2].
The stator of a USM is actually a piezoelectric transducer.
Hence, the USM diagnostic suite indicates something is wrong by a wetness of XLM > 0.01.
Marshals Service (USMS) Provide physical security in courthouses; safeguard judges, witnesses, attorneys, and jurors; house and transport federal prisoners; apprehend fugitives; execute warrants and court orders; seize forfeited property Agency/Component Border Security Duties Department of the Interior Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Provide law enforcement and detention services on certain tribal lands Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Prevent, detect, and investigate crimes affecting public lands resources Department of Agriculture U.S.
Another recent high-profile case involved DS assisting the USMS in capturing one of its 15 most wanted fugitives, Miguel Torres, who had gone into hiding after being accused of murdering his wife in Pennsylvania in 2005.
Through interagency cooperation between the Military Police Corps and the USMS from fiscal year 2011 to 2012, operational targeting practices against military sex offenders were developed, felony deserters were apprehended, and Department of Defense Form (DD Form) 2791, Notice of Release/ Acknowledgment of Convicted Sex Offender Registration Requirements, (6) was strategically revised.
Coach Ed SesseL a frequent contributor to the AMAA Journal, is the United Stales Masters Swimming (USMS) SationalResource Librarian and active member of the Sports Medicine and Coaches Committees.
Measurement System (USMS) stated that there are insufficient measurement
Panicum repens previously was only known from five southern counties (Forrest, Hancock, Harrison, Jackson, and Lamar; Freckmann & Lelong 2003), including records from state herbaria (MISS, MISSA, MMNS, USMS).
Marshal's Service (USMS) will be the custodian of all assets seized
Marshals Service (USMS)--two entities that are responsible for holding certain persons, such as criminals.