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One limitation of early research on workplace stressors, including harassment, concerns the focus on isolated workplace stressors (Fitzgerald et al., 1997; Schneider et al., 1997; USMSPB, 1981, 1988, 1995).
A number of studies have shown that as the frequency of the harassment a target experiences increases, the likelihood the target will report the harassment also increases (Brooks and Perot, 1991; Gruber and Bjorn, 1986; Jones and Remland, 1992; Livingston, 1982; Sullivan and Bybee, 1987; Terpstra, 1986; Terpstra and Cook, 1985; USMSPB, 1981, 1988).
As evidence, over 90% of the respondents to a survey approved of whistle-blowing under certain circumstances (USMSPB, 1981).