USMTCUnited States Machine Tool Consumption Report
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The USMTC report, jointly compiled by the two trade associations representing the production and distribution of manufacturing technology, provides regional and national U.
USMTC numbers would support the case that early rapid growth in orders extended from May 2003 to October 2004, or an 18-month time frame.
The 12-month rate of change for the most recent USMTC statistic, October, is +59%.
volunteer with others in AMT to contribute data for the USMTC report, which covers orders for machine tools and other factory production gear.
Manufacturing-Technology Orders Orders by Region, February 2010 West $22-M 13% Central $53-M 32% Midwest $43-M 26% South $19-M 12% Northeast $27-M 16% Source; USMTC
USMTC data can be viewed at the respective websites of AMT, www.
But, he says, the rate of growth of the USMTC statistics will depend on an increase in America's factory-utilization rate (left).
The USMTC report, jointly compiled by the AMT and AMTDA, represents the production and distribution of manufacturing technology, and provides regional and national U.
4 percent from January 2003, according to USMTC figures.
The cost-containment plan was revealed after the publicly held machine-tool builder released financial data that showed net sales in the first half of this year were down 41% compared to the first six months of 2008 and orders were down 62%, about in keeping with across-the-board USMTC figures (back page).
The USMTC report covers both metalcutting and metalforming equipment sales and is jointly compiled by AMT--The Association For Manufacturing Technology and the American Machine Tool Distributors' Association (AMTDA), accounting for about 75 percent of total U.
Woods, president of AMT, one of the two organizations whose members contribute raw data for the USMTC statistical series.