USMTFUnited States Message Text Format
USMTFUniform Services Message Text Format
USMTFUnited States Message Transfer Format
USMTFUniformed Services Military Treatment Facility
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The division G-2X and BCT S-2X replaced the IIR with a USMTF report--the S303 EOBSREP--to disseminate HUMINT information.
The IEWTPT provides the training audience with USMTF messages on enemy activity inside corps, division, and brigade named areas of interest directly to their Distributed Common Ground System-Army.
Once freetext messages were received, we tried to send information that would be useful to MCS-L: operational graphics, contained in a USMTF S201, and enemy graphics, which we started with the S303.
At the final ramp-up exercise, another system that sent USMTF 507L messages appeared: the RTM.
To succeed at exploiting the iLOD data feed, the 1SBCT configured their Intelligence Fusion Server to receive the USMTF messages into their DCGS-A Multi-Function Workstation's Journal Entry Viewer and ultimately their Tactical Entity Database to depict unit composition and disposition.
* By the conclusion of the exercise, the iLOD proved successful at pushing the USMTF traffic, FMV, and GMTI.
The solution seemed simple: since ASAS will accept any USMTF-compliant message, just have the message originator comply with USMTF. The vast majority of messages received were Intelligence Information Reports (IIR) which comply with USMTF standards.
* ASAS may receive data from METS through USMTF messages.
A good illustration of this problem is the USMTF S309 Enemy Interoperability message.
Message Text Format (USMTF) but also provides support for investigations, collections, and analysis through the use of DCIIS-like data-based reports and Form-Flow[TM] or MS Word[R] templates.
Currently, ASAS can send the USMTF, C103 OB Report (OBREP) message, and the ACCS S309 ENE INTEROP message to the GCCS-13.
Everyone in the S2 section needs to know how to read United States Message Text Format (USMTF) messages and understand the header and body information.