USNATOUnited States Mission NATO
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Conversely, India never wants withdrawl of USNATO forces from Afghanistan; to sustain pressure on Pakistan from both eastern and western borders, though; no significant response by Indian side has been registered in the support of Zarb e Azb.
Personnel from the Department and the Office of the Secretary of Defense provide the ambassador with wide-ranging advice, helping USNATO reach the best possible conclusions.
Because there's a need for consistent communication, despite the distance, USNATO has launched a rotational assignment program that is the first of its kind at the State Department.
With about half its staff from the State Department and the other half from the Department of Defense, the USNATO Afghanistan team also works with the U.
Mission Vacant The Rep of the USA to to the Vienna Office AMB the Vienna Office of of the United Appt the United Nations, and Nations, Vienna) Oath Rep of the USA to the IAEA, with the rank of Ambassador USNATO (U.