USNCBUnited States National Central Bureau (INTERPOL)
USNCBUS National Committee on Biomechanics
USNCBUnited States Naval Construction Battalion (SEABEES)
USNCBUnited States Navy Certification Board
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(42) Specifically, the USNCB Terrorism and Violent Crimes
(42) The USNCB transmits, responds to, and executes requests for
In order to issue a notice from the United States, the USNCB must receive a written request.
Located in Washington, DC, the USNCB houses individuals detailed from all of the major federal criminal investigative agencies, as well as numerous other professional personnel.
This USNCB group maintains close coordination with the Department of Justice to meet extradition treaty requirements and oversees INTERPOL's red notice program.
Finally, working with analysts at INTERPOL headquarters, USNCB personnel track new trends in drug trafficking and money laundering.
Nonetheless, where applicable, the INTERPOL USNCB works cooperatively with those agencies.
In these instances, the INTERPOL USNCB may provide an alternative means of setting out investigative requests.
As a first step, the USNCB suggests that agencies review outstanding warrants and other cases for those whose subjects may have some international connection.
(Doc) Tam (704) 528-5329; e-mail: Mar Ftr Sqdn VMF-123 (WWII): Roscoe Pope (606) 342-6618 Marine Corps Intelligence Assn: John Asbery (703) 494-3894 Marine Corps Mustang Assn: Bill Max (800) 321-USMC USS Columbus CA74/CG12/SSN762: Al Lewis (626) 966-8341 (W); (626) 339-3568 (H) MISCELLANEOUS All Destroyer Escort sailors of N.J.: Conrad Lambruschini (877) 972-4567 (toll free) Nebraska Korean War Veterans (all Korean War vets): Charlie Bernat (402) 371-7672 Survivors of POW Work Camp (near Zittau, Germany, WWII): Cliff Austin (802) 877-3451 NAVY 115th NCB (WWII): Carl Hinkle (440) 639-8636 5th NCB (all co's): Dot Munsch (504) 246-1970 66-1022 USNCB: Charles Mullinnix (601) 842-4450 90th NCB: Richard Phillip (318) 856-4458 Assn.
Baker (812) 939-2888 64th NCB (WWII): Wilton Thibodeaux (318) 783-2205 66-1022 USNCB: Charles Mullinnix (601) 842-4450 6th Naval Beach Bn (WWII, Normandy Eazy Red Beach): Ed Marriott (770) 466-8323 95th Navy Seabee Vets: John Taylor (913) 631-4666 Admiralty Islands Vets Naval Air Base 3205, South Pacific WWII: Leon Link (715) 924-4268; e-mail: AGC Flagship Alliance (Appalachian AGC-1, Blue Ridge AGC-2, Rocky Mount AGC-3, Ancon AGC-4, Catoctin AGC-5, Duane AGC-6/WAGC-33, Mt.