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USNGUS National Grid
USNGUnited States National Guard
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What will happen to USNG units purchased or sold on or after February 22, 2012?
Will the USNG reverse unit split affect a Limit or Good 'Til Cancelled Order?
An investment in units issued by USNG involves risks.
This is a risk because if these correlations do not exist, then investors may not be able to use USNG as a cost-effective way to invest directly in natural gas or as a hedge against the risk of loss in natural gas-related transactions.
USNG seeks to have the daily changes in its units' NAV in percentage terms track daily changes in the price of natural gas in percentage terms rather than profit from speculative trading in Natural Gas Interests.
Investors may choose to use USNG as a means of investing indirectly in natural gas and there are risks involved in such investments.
Investors, including those who participate in the natural gas industry, may choose to use USNG as a vehicle to hedge against the risk of loss and there are risks involved in hedging activities.
Unlike mutual funds, commodity pools or other investment pools that actively manage their investments in an attempt to realize income and gains from their investing activities and distribute such income and gains to their investors, USNG generally does not distribute cash to limited partners or other Unitholders.