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USNICUnited States National Intelligence Cell (various organizations)
USNICUnited States Nuclear Infrastructure Council (think tank)
USNICUnited States National Ice Center (various organizations)
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Amongst the compounds examined, the depside atranorin had shown substantial activity as an antiglycation agent along with divaricatic acid and usnic acid.
The mechanism of action of usnic acid is not fully elucidated.
Except for usnic acid, no cytotoxic effects were observed for the two depsides (atranorin and perlatolic acid) and the alkyl depsidone (physodic acid).
Slides 16-18 of this presentation appear to show performance improvements of MRG-M when running usNIC vs.
The United States National Intelligence Council (USNIC) produces, for each four year period, a report , a sort of political "horoscope", on the nature , characteristics and direction of the global picture that is evolving.
Two secondary metabolites (diffractaic acid and usnic acid) and extract of a lichen species, Usnea longissima Ach.
Depsides, depsidones, dibenzofuranes, xanthenes, an thraquinones and usnic acids are amongst the more extensively studied lichen metabolites (Honda and Vilegas, 1998).
By HPTLC and HPLC analyses were detected: placodiolic acid (major), atranorin (minor), usnic acid ([+ or -] trace, present only in BCRU 01063), haematommone (trace).
In late March, researchers found the high levels of usnic acid found in tumbleweed shield lichen (lichens are part fungus, part algae) was the cause of the deaths.