USNMUnited States National Museum (now National Museum of Natural History; Smithsonian Institution; Washington, DC)
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One poorly preserved specimen, USNM 54440, collected during an Albatross survey in 1897 off Killisnoo Island in southeastern Alaska may be a specimen of S.
8 mm SL), on sea pen and adjacent sea grass, other data same as holotype; USNM 410094, 3 specimens (1 male, 14.
Even so, it is obvious that many specimens were lost during the century following Hay's departure, based on the number of extant jars in which little or no alcohol remains, the now-missing lots originally entered in the Butler catalogue ledger, and the numerous lots now unaccounted for among the material received from the USNM.
The original artwork of 151 of the illustrations is present in the USNM illustration files, and four, representing salmonid species, are present at the California Department of Fish and Game, Sacramento (CDFG, henceforth).
permiana could not be located at the KU museum or USNM as indicated in this paper.
Skulls of the following species were examined in the USNM skeletal collections: Aratinga weddellii, A.
Evermann in Jordan (1890); 1890: USNM 125114; 1899: USNM 69232; 1925: UMMZ 66602; 1941: Gerking (1945).
USNM, United States National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.