USNOUnited States Naval Observatory
USNOUnited Sabah National Organization (Malaysia)
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In June 1955, due in part to the fact that there were no reliable atomic clocks then operating in the United States, NPL and USNO began collaborating on a program in which the goal was to determine the frequency of cesium with respect to the ephemeris second [31, 32].
It traces the political development of Sabah and the emergence of contemporary Kadazan Dusun consciousness from the era of the USNO regime under Tun Mustapha, through the two contrasting terms of Berjaya, to the PBS government and the post-PBS Barisan Nasional state government.
[90] US Naval Observatory (USNO) GPS Operations,
From the USNO data, daily daylight and night time durations for each study location were calculated.
It should be noted that until GPS week 1631, the IGS final tropospheric product was produced by JPL using GIPSY/OASIS software (Sever, 2010) and, from 1632 (inclusive), by USNO using Bernese GPS software (Byram, 2011).
Earlier this year, McCarthy officially retired from his USNO post, which carried the Orwellian title of director of the Directorate of Time, but he has lingered on as a consultant, apparently unable to tear himself away from watching the clocks.
Naval Observatory (USNO) are responsible for the determination of the positions and motions of the stars and solar system objects, as well as for the establishment of celestial reference frames.
The USNO B1.0 database includes about a billion stars, and the Guide Star Catalog II will contain about two billion stars and galaxies when it is done.
Symmetricom's TymServe 2100 network time server acquires time from the GPS satellite constellation, IRIG Time Code or Dialup Time Services (NIST, USNO) and distributes time using the Network Time Protocol, NTP.
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