USNOUnited States Naval Observatory
USNOUnited Sabah National Organization (Malaysia)
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USNO Network Redesign Team carefully analyzed decades worth of agreements, designs and specifications and conducted hundreds of hours of stakeholder interviews.
2011, IGS Final Troposphere product transition to USNO [IGSMAIL-6443].
In a charmingly anachronistic touch, the three USNO servers are named Tick, Tock, and NTP2, even though USNO clocks haven't actually ticked in quite some time.
In order to decrease the error in the celestial reference frame, the USNO needed to develop an ultra high-resolution CCD.
Astronomical event times can be obtained by consulting the USNO web site.
Nevertheless Mustapha, whose USNO had won 14 seats, formed a government with SCA support and refused to have anything to do with UPKO.
Naval Observatory (USNO) for the past 40 years, reaching the position of Director of Time at USNO.
To explore the possibility of using commercial telecom networks as a backup for time services, an ongoing experiment connects the NIST time scales in Boulder, Colorado, with the USNO alternate time scale at Schriever Air Force Base in Colorado Springs by means of CenturyLinks fiber-optic cables.
These parent bodies have delegated their timekeeping responsibilities to NIST and USNO for execution.
With the expulsion of expatriates from Sabah during the USNO regime of Tun Mustapha bin Datu Harun, Hope left Sabah in 1971 to undertake a one year midwifery course in England.
IAU XXVth GA Joint Discussion 16: The ICRS maintenance and future realizations, USNO Washington, 112-119.
The USNO group's conclusion is thatPlanet X may be in an orbit tilted 30| or more from the paths of the known planets, so that sometimes it is too far away to affect them.