USNORTHCOMUnited States Northern Command
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The DCO is typically an active duty Army Colonel (O-6) who is assigned by USNORTHCOM or USPACOM to serve as DOD's single point of contact, coordinating with Federal and state authorities on the use of military resources.
The following sections assess how the use of strategic facades and procedural illusions within Merida II and USSOUTHCOM and USNORTHCOM do important political work in sustaining one-dimensionality and reproducing geographic difference.
Another DOD combatant command with a stake in cyberspace defense and security, USNORTHCOM plans, organizes, and executes homeland defense missions.
Code), is subject to the orders of the President, the Secretary of Defense, and the Commander, USNORTHCOM, or those Federal officers ordered to act on their behalf.
More surprising and more encouraging are recent signs that Defensa is also willing to engage more actively, in particular with USNORTHCOM.
Deployment of JTF-CS is at the direction of USNORTHCOM, and on authority of the Secretary of Defense, only after a governor requests federal assistance from the president, and after the president issues a Presidential Disaster Declaration.
These two organizations are charged with coordinating the national MDA effort, working closely with all the combatant commanders (COCOMs), including USNORTHCOM.
Currently, nine NORAD operations Reservists accomplish approximately 3D percent of the more than 500 annual FIDO shifts in the NORAD and USNORTHCOM command center.
In the aftermath of Katrina, USNORTHCOM financial personnel were involved heavily in supporting DoD units, helping them to link their performance to FEMA mission assignments and clear their path to reimbursement for associated outlays.
For example, if USNORTHCOM received concurrent tasking requiring the use of similar resources from the NCTC and DOD, who would resolve the conflict--the NSC, the president, or some type of existing or new interagency process?
We have about 113,000 folks committed to USNORTHCOM (U.
It should be noted that although the USCENTCOM theater of operations sample numbers are themselves robust, DESP OEH surveillance responsibilities extend to the European Command, the Pacific Command, the Southern Command, USNORTHCOM, and the Army Special Forces Command.