USNPSUnited States National Park Service
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This has ultimately been a driving force in gaining Federal recognition of the importance of the Underground Railroad through the Network to Freedom, a novel National Park designed to, "coordinate preservation and education efforts nationwide and integrate local historical places, museums, and interpretive programs associated with the Underground Railroad into a mosaic of community, regional, and national stories" (USNPS 1999).
According to the National Park Service, there is also a significant geographic or spatial element to the UGRR in that it "refers to a multitude of routes to freedom taken by fugitive enslaved African-Americans" (USNPS 1999 [emphasis mine]).
"Reacting to a proposal to establish an international park in the North Cascades, the National Park Service today took steps to ensure that the public understands the proposal originated with private citizens and not the National Park Service" (USNPS, June 14, 1995).