USOAPUniversal Safety Oversight Audit Program (ICAO)
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Regional ocean governance is among the plethora of ocean and coastal topics covered in both the USOAP and Executive Order 13366.
Beginning with the regions that are more advanced, three stand out: (1) the Gulf of Maine Council on the Marine Environment was formed in 1989 (149) and is one of the leading regional and bi-national ROG efforts; (2) the Great Lakes Regional Collaboration; (150) and (3) the Southeast Aquatic Resources Partnership, (151) which received particular attention and support from the USOAP.
As recommended in the USCOP and USOAP, states and regions demonstrate the ability and willingness to chart the course for ROG in the U.
SIMOR, concerned with the integrated management of ocean resources, could play the role of public cheerleader, reporting on the institutional changes and responses to the USOAP.