USOMUlusal Siber Olaylara Müdahale (Turkish: Intervention to National Cyber Events)
USOMUnderground Sound of Moscow (Russia)
USOMUnited School of Ministry (Columbus, OH)
USOMUnited States Operations Mission
USOMUpward Spread of Masking (hearing)
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been further expanded with USOM's aid and improved with accumulated
late 1961, a regional office, the US Operations Mission (USOM) to
The training is still based on the three phases of competition, cooperation, and adaptation but in SSSOM the algorithm differs from the USOM one, since the fused similarity measure is based on weighted combination distances between an object (vector) [[bar.X].sub.n] and all units in the X map (S([bar.X], Xmap)) and the distances between the corresponding output object [y.sub.n] and the units in the Y map (S([bar.Y], Ymap)).
Both the USOM and the Thai royal family began their sponsorship of the BPP's civic action programmes during this same period.
In addition, the BPP and USOM believed that if the BPP schools could successfully undertake rural development projects in the border areas and stabilize political and socio-economic conditions, they could diminish the external communists' pool of potential recruits and curtail the expansion of communism in undeveloped areas.
Daniel Perez-Gelabert (USOM, Washington) kindly took detailed photos of the holotype of Ceroys bigibbus.
harroweri [male], HT [male], HT [male], HT (USOM) (BMOH) (AOSP) Body 78.0 55.0 53.8 (incl.
Dwyer, whom USOM Director Leland Barrows retained as an economic and program planning consultant, cogently observed, the primary purpose of the U.S.
A National Center for Combatting Cyber Threats (USOM) will also be established.
From the early planning stage of the Mahaweli Development Programme, several proposals for the development and utilisation of water resources of the Uma Oya basin have been made by United States Operations Mission (USOM) and the Canadian Hunting Survey Corporation (CHSC) as early as 1959.
49 To whet the interested reader's appetite (and lead him or her to more detailed listings of the relevant literature), the following are some of the available materials: (a) on general government intervention and civic action programmes, see The Civic Action Program of the Border Patrol Police and the USOM Public Safety Division (Bangkok: Communications Media Division, Thai-American Audiovisual Service, 1963); Chira Chankrachang, "The Hill Tribes of Thailand and Prospects for Education" (Ed.D., University of Northern Colorado, 1976); Aran Suwanbubpa, Hill Tribe Development and Welfare Programmes in Northern Thailand (Singapore: Regional Institute of Higher Education and Development, 1976); Gerald C.