USOMUnderground Sound of Moscow (Russia)
USOMUnited States Operations Mission
USOMUpward Spread of Masking (hearing)
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development project that had resembled the USOM and BPP's Key
Continental Air and Air America; moreover the CIA under its USOM cover
history of USOM support to the Thai National Police Department'
counterinsurgency by the Border Patrol Police' (Bangkok: USOM, Apr.
Both the USOM and the Thai royal family began their sponsorship of the BPP's civic action programmes during this same period.
In addition, the BPP and USOM believed that if the BPP schools could successfully undertake rural development projects in the border areas and stabilize political and socio-economic conditions, they could diminish the external communists' pool of potential recruits and curtail the expansion of communism in undeveloped areas.
Dwyer, whom USOM Director Leland Barrows retained as an economic and program planning consultant, cogently observed, the primary purpose of the U.
With McGarr as MAAG chief, embassy, MAAG, USOM, and U.