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29} Acting on the suggestion of extracting the above-mentioned natives from Kampong Mengalong, namely Serang Usop and Serang Saleh, (25) Phase IIB was launched on 19 May.
CD&R's increased commitment to USOP reflects strong confidence in the company's new operating strategies being implemented.
Kozlowski, a 22-year veteran of Tyco, tells DIRECTORS & BOARDS the reason he joined USOP's board is the opportunity to work with longtime Clayton Dubilier associates at USOP and to use his influence as a director to bring about good results at the restructured company.
The event was also attended by Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources-Region 11 Director Usop Pendaliday Jr.
Arrested were Bonao Mangarin, Usop Mangarin, Mimong Agam, Osik Mangarin and Seleno Ogib.
The highlight there was an extraordinary dinner, to which Sharifuddin invited us, hosted by his uncle Haji Usop, the Chief Minister.
International observers, OSCE, and the Protestant community expressed concerns to USOP, UNMIK and the PISG about the following elements included in the initial draft document: the stipulation that each religious group's name include the word "Kosovo," that religious community leaders must be citizens of Kosovo, that the amount of funding received from the domestic budget be tied to the number of a religion's registered members, and that in order for a religion to be registered it has to be established for a minimum of 5 years and have a minimum of 500 members.
Also considered dangerous were Sam Manial Hassan, Nonoke Cuta Luay, Jonathan Dumalaba Pangawilan and Ali Kuyag Sultan, all facing charges of possession of explosives; Gardo Sampolna Usop, accused of murder and multiple attempted murder; and Jomar Pulindao Utala, accused of illegal possession of ammunition.