USOPUnited States of Poetry (TV show)
USOPUnited States Office in Pristina
USOPUser Service Order Profile
USOPUniversal Share Ownership Plan
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Oil & Gas plc, (GXG London: USOP, OTC New York: USOPY), is an oil and gas exploration company with a strategy to identify and acquire oil and gas assets in the early phase of the upstream life-cycle and mature them.
29} Acting on the suggestion of extracting the above-mentioned natives from Kampong Mengalong, namely Serang Usop and Serang Saleh, (25) Phase IIB was launched on 19 May.
CD&R's increased commitment to USOP reflects strong confidence in the company's new operating strategies being implemented.
Kozlowski, a 22-year veteran of Tyco, tells DIRECTORS & BOARDS the reason he joined USOP's board is the opportunity to work with longtime Clayton Dubilier associates at USOP and to use his influence as a director to bring about good results at the restructured company.
Before the draft law's first reading, the Islamic community and Catholic leadership voiced to the USOP their own proposed amendments to this draft, which include: labeling the Islamic community the "only representative" of Kosovo Muslims, establishing a ministry of religion, and exempting religious communities from paying utilities.
Usop, has worked very hard to make this conference a success, and on behalf of the Indonesia Office we want to convey our sincere appreciation for what you have done.
Contact point (s): IA ESMIS, Direktsiya USOP, otdel SDOP
For the attention of: Vasil Penov yuriskonsult v direktsiya USOP
The minimal financial exposure with USOP is due primarily to Daisytek maintaining strict and conservative credit guidelines," said Jim Powell, president and CEO.
For the attention of: Lyudmila Aleksandrova - darzhaven ekspert v direktsiya USOP; Plamenka Vasileva - starshi yuriskonsult v direktsiya USOP
United had supplied products to USOP before it filed for protection under Chapter 11 of the bankruptcy code in 2001, and continued to do so after being named as a critical vendor to USOP.
He also led the successful integration efforts of Buhrmann's BT office products division and Corporate Express as well as this year's integration of USOP.