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USPUnited States Pharmacopeia (United States Pharmacopeial Convention, Inc.)
USPUnit Sales Price
USPUniversidade de Sao Paulo (University of Sao Paulo)
USPUniversity of the South Pacific (Fiji, South Pacific)
USPUnique Selling Proposition
USPUniversity of the Sciences in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania)
USPUnited States Penitentiary
USPUnited States Patent
USPUnique Selling Point
USPUniversal Self-Loading Pistol (Heckler & Koch)
USPUnion Suisse des Paysans (French: Swiss Farmers' Union)
USPUtah State Prison
USPUniversal Storage Platform (Hitachi, Ltd.)
USPUniversal Signaling Point (Nortel)
USPUnique Sales Proposition
USPUbiquitin-Specific Protease
USPUniversal Service Provider
USPUltrashort-Pulse (laser)
USPUnited Steel Products
USPUniversity of Southern Philippines (Cebu City, Philippines)
USPUnsolicited Proposal
USPUnited States Postage
USPUniversal Serial Port
USPUser Stored Procedure
USPUniversal Service Protocol
USPUsage Sensitive Pricing
USPUltrasonic Spray Pyrolysis
USPUniversal Service Plan
USPUniversal Service Pistol
USPUniversal Sampling Plan
USPUpsilon Sigma Phi
USPUsenet Service Provider
USPUniversal Signaling Platform
USPUser-to-User Signaling Process
USPUrban Services Plan
USPUsaha Simpan Pinjam (Indonesian: Business Savings and Loans)
USPUbuntu System Panel (Linux)
USPUnited Surgical Partners International, Inc. (Addison, TX)
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served USP in many capacities over a distinguished career of more than 30 years.
In USP <61> (formerly called the Microbial Limits Test, now renamed the Microbial Enumeration Test), the most obvious change is the separation of the Absence of Specified Microorganisms test into a new chapter, USP <62>.
At such time, however, new USP holds FC and tacks USP's holding period for the year (and prior years).
But we are concerned that some consumers will assume that the USP mark means the product is safe and beneficial.
And if there's a USP label, that also doesn't necessarily mean what they say is on the label is actually in the product.
Download a free version of USP Specifier Software V1.
HMC standards are developed through a public standards-setting process that invites input from all interested parties, and with the collaboration and approval of experts from around the world, via the volunteers who serve on the USP Council of Experts.
LSI) was selected by USP to translate the USP 29--NF 24 into Spanish, with the help of Spanish-speaking staff from USP and numerous translators from Spanish-speaking countries.
iPads are as common on jobsites as hammers and nails, and with this USP iPad app, we have put a powerful search tool in the hands of contractors, as well as the engineers and architects who specify hangers and connectors," said USP Structural Connectors' Barry Ashwell.
The clean, contemporary font was created by USP specifically for the new logo.
He has served as the official liaison to the FDA for more than 25 years and was co-founder of the USP Drug Product Problem Reporting Program and the Laboratory and Medical Product Problem Reporting Program in the 1970s, serving as first project director for the latter.
USP would like to repatriate B's earnings to the United States without incurring any Y withholding tax.