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USPUnited States Pharmacopeia (United States Pharmacopeial Convention, Inc.)
USPUnit Sales Price
USPUniversidade de Sao Paulo (University of Sao Paulo)
USPUniversity of the South Pacific (Fiji, South Pacific)
USPUnique Selling Proposition
USPUniversity of the Sciences in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania)
USPUnited States Penitentiary
USPUnited States Patent
USPUnique Selling Point
USPUniversal Self-Loading Pistol (Heckler & Koch)
USPUnion Suisse des Paysans (French: Swiss Farmers' Union)
USPUtah State Prison
USPUniversal Storage Platform (Hitachi, Ltd.)
USPUniversal Signaling Point (Nortel)
USPUnique Sales Proposition
USPUbiquitin-Specific Protease
USPUniversal Service Provider
USPUltrashort-Pulse (laser)
USPUnited Steel Products
USPUniversity of Southern Philippines (Cebu City, Philippines)
USPUnsolicited Proposal
USPUnited States Postage
USPUniversal Serial Port
USPUser Stored Procedure
USPUniversal Service Protocol
USPUsage Sensitive Pricing
USPUltrasonic Spray Pyrolysis
USPUniversal Service Plan
USPUniversal Service Pistol
USPUniversal Sampling Plan
USPUpsilon Sigma Phi
USPUsenet Service Provider
USPUniversal Signaling Platform
USPUser-to-User Signaling Process
USPUrban Services Plan
USPUsaha Simpan Pinjam (Indonesian: Business Savings and Loans)
USPUbuntu System Panel (Linux)
USPUnited Surgical Partners International, Inc. (Addison, TX)
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USP GMPs include requirements of particular interest to retailers such as recall procedures, expiration dating supported by stability data, and identity testing for all ingredients--not just dietary ingredients.
What I have learned, as USP is about to enter its third century, is that we have a unique opportunity to further our public health mission and complete the journey to become a premier global health organization.
Before you decide on a USP, though, be sure you can always deliver throughout your whole organization.
For example, if you are using the USP method and want to continue to use it but the media has changed, you will need to revalidate using the new media.
John Fowler, USP chief operating officer, responded to CSPI's concerns by saying that safety is an issue that is out of the purview of USP and is something to be discussed between patients and physicians.
USP also will continue to conduct audits of manufacturer sites for GMP compliance on a three-year basis.
Since 1954, USP Structural Connectors (a division of MiTek) has become the world's leading manufacturer of code-approved structural connectors, anchors, epoxy and innovative software solutions for the residential, commercial building and DIY markets.
The company added that Caffeine Citrate Injection USP and Caffeine Citrate Oral Solution USP are indicated for the short-term treatment of apnea of prematurity in infants between 28 and less than 33 weeks gestational age.
The USP--NF Spanish version makes it easier for non-English speakers to understand and meet USP standards while also helping to fulfill our mission of providing standards for quality medicines worldwide.
In both examples, USP has held stock for 10 years and FC1 was a PFIC for only four years.
USP Structural Connectors, a MiTek Industries company, announced today that its complete catalog of hangers, anchors, and connectors is available on iPads, through the new "USP Catalog iPad Application.
The need to develop a Global model USP framework (policies, processes and decision tools) is