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USP8Ubiquitin Specific Peptidase 8 (gene)
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After exposure to USP8 inhibitor for 24 and 48 h, cells were detached and then washed once with cold PBS, suspended in 1 x binding buffer at a concentration of 5 x 10[sup]5 cells/ml.
To investigate that targeting USP8 with its specific inhibitor might exhibit an anticancer effect in the corticotroph adenomas, we first examined the effect of USP8 inhibitor on downstream protein levels including EGFR, ERBB2, and Met.
To determine the specificity of USP8 inhibitor effects, cell viability was assessed in Hepa 1-6, HEK293T, and PC12 cell lines after 24 h treatment without or with increasing concentration of USP8 inhibitor (1–10 [micro]mol/L).
Next, we explore whether USP8 inhibitor would have an effect on the clonogenic ability of AtT20 cells [Figure 3]a and [Figure 3]b.
To investigate whether USP8 inhibitor reduces cell viability by inducing apoptosis, flow cytometry analysis and apoptosis-related proteins analysis were performed.
AtT20 cells were incubated with USP8 inhibitor for 4 and 24 h to determine its effects on proopiomelanocortin (POMC) mRNA levels.