USPACOMUnited States Pacific Command
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Army Regional Health Command-Pacific (RHC-P) built on the USPACOM Health Engagement Appendix of the TCP.
We also have so many activities trainings with USPACOM forces.
Blair was USPACOM chief in 2001 when a Chinese fighter jet clashed with a US spy plane over South China Sea.
4) USPACOM continues to assert that maintaining stability in this area of overlapping claims and avoiding violence between the claimants will be crucial to the prosperity of the region.
As another example, the USPACOM could use as its standing Joint Force Headquarters for deployments and contingency operations, a component command such as US Army Pacific, to handle costs tracking and reporting via the US Army's ERP, the General Fund Enterprise Business System.
USPACOM provides humanitarian assistance to 36 countries across the Asia-Pacifc region.
USPACOM sponsors at least sixteen major international military exercises with relative frequency, including notables like COBRA GOLD and RIMPAC and bilateral exercises like GARUDA SHIELD (United States-Indonesia).
During 2009, the 836th Transportation Battalion conducted 22 ship operations in support of USPACOM exercises and unit sustainment.
USPACOM AOR encompasses almost half the earth's surface.
As a result of the team's efforts, USPACOM is better able to respond to world events and dynamically collaborate with international mission partners.
USPACOM brought this issue to the attention of the community and the HI DOE, and, working together, they formed the Joint Venture Education Forum (JVEF) in 1999.