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USPCUnited States Pony Clubs
USPCUnited States Parole Commission
USPCUnited States Playing Card Company
USPCUnited States Pharmacopeial Convention
USPCUnited States Patent Classification
USPCUnsteady-State Processes in Catalysis
USPCUS Patent Certificate, Inc.
USPCUnited States Printer Committee
USPCUnited States Pacific Command
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The USPC is not the only technology classification system
On campus, this reporting responsibility belongs to the USPC, which monitors the year-end reports from the campus units and produces an annual report card.
The USPC was developed in 1836 and first revised in 1898.
The reasoning behind the USPC cases turns on the fact that the judge retains control over the minimum and maximum deprivation of liberty:
The user interface for Family Doctor is a depiction of a traditional physician's office, with doors representing the "Exam Room" (symptom diagnosis suggestions, drug information, anatomy atlas), "First Aid" (simulated video of what to do in emergency situations), and the "Library" (hypertext versions of eight volumes, including the USPC Drug Guide and Random House Medical Dictionary).
MICROMEDEX and USPC have entered into similar cooperative efforts in the past, such as offering USP DI Drug Leaflets on CD-ROM.
Other brands from USPC include the best-selling Bicycle[R] brand of products and also BEE[R] and Aviator[R] brands.
that is statistically based," OCEAN TOMO, OCEAN TOMO USPC PATENT QUALITY BENCHMARK STUDY (2011), but the patented method appears to define quality in terms of validity and enforceability, rather than quality of disclosure, see U.
According to the court, the new USPC guidelines, but not the old ones, prevented a candidate who, like the inmate, had committed a crime of violence resulting in death, from even being found suitable for parole when he first became eligible after serving a minimum sentence.
Most people believe that the USPC has standards for vitamins and that's what manufacturers follow," says Leiner president Gale Bensussen.
The information contained in USP DI has filled a void for us," says Frank Cammarata, a pharmacy consultant in the Army surgeon general's office and a USPC delegate.