USPETUnit Safety Personnel Education and Training (US Air Force)
USPETUrokinase-Streptokinase Pulmonary Embolism Trial
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Harlequins are the surprise pacesetters at the top of the table after a 36-26 uspet at Leeds on Friday night.
Family history aside, she's clearly uspet about her daughter moving to the other side of the world, so try to be a bit more tactful.
However, his performance uspet one diehard Arsenal fan..his uncle Jamie from Waterford.
Some supporters may be uspet that Uefa have only granted Liverpool a place in the first qualifying round and I can understand that, but they have altered the rules to allow Rafael Benitez's winners into the competition.
Viaheslav Rybakov's novella Not Enough Time (Ne uspet') exhales the spirit of Evgenii Zamiatin's works of the twenties, such as the novel We and the story "The Cave." Not Enough Time explores similar topography--that of the loss of humanity in the borderland between the old times and the new.
Mene nez polovina zen pracujicich ve vedoucich pozicich se citi byt pripravena uspet v globalnim podnikatelskem prostredi [online].
"We are very frustrated and the lingering feeling is that Aberdeen could have caused a major uspet and created European history by becoming the first Scottish club side to win in Greece or at least getting a point and it was a missed opportunity to put us in a great position in the group.
"He was very uspet about having to go to court over this.