USPIUnited Surgical Partners International
USPIUS Protection and Investigations
USPIUnited States-Philippine Islands
USPIUnidentified Skin Parasite Infection
USPIUnited States Package Inserts
USPIUnited States Private Investigators
USPIUnited States Principal Investigator
USPIUnited States Postal Inspector (USPIS)
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In addition to operating a large number of ASCs through USPI, Tenet's hospital segment includes other outpatient facilities like imaging centers, satellite emergency departments (EDs) and freestanding urgent care centers.
When the correlation coefficients and p values between the subscales were examined; it was found that there was a significant correlation between USPS-E and USPN/A, between USPE and USPI, between USPN/A and USPE and USPI in SUSP (p<0,01) (Table 5).
Baylor University Medical Center, a subsidiary of Baylor Scott and White Health, continues to have a 5% ownership interest in USPI.
(13) Moreover, orfU1 lies immediately downstream of uspI while orfU2 lies immediately downstream of uspII, suggesting that OrfU1 confer immunity towards UspI and OrU2 is responsible for immunity against UspII.
Although its function has been immutable since inception, the form of the USPI has recently undergone a transformation.
The attack in the western province of Farah killed an Afghan guard employed by a private US security firm, USPI, and "several Taliban," Governor Mohaidin Baluch said.
The ambush occurred when eight vehicles of the security company USPI were escorting a convoy of fuel tankers of the Western military in Bala Buluk district of Farah Province, Farah Gov.
The inquest heard Mr Addison had been in Afghanistan since June 16 and was employed by Texas-based security firm United States Protection and Investigation (USPI).
Tickers featured: AMSG, HLS, SMBI, THC, UHS, USPI. Complete text approximately 3000 words.
The bomber hit the men as they came out of the Kandahar compound of the USPI security company.