USPIRGUnited States Public Interest Research Group
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USPIRG concluded that "the majority of students will not apply for a credit card unless a gift is offered.
USPIRG calls this tactic "particularly insidious (because) it relies on peer pressure to ensure that students are filling out applications.
USPIRG recommends that colleges adopt "fair campus credit card marketing principles, including banning use of gifts in marketing, not selling lists of students' names, and prohibiting student groups or college departments from entering marketing deals that benefit the campus organization for collecting applications.
Both sides made the usual arguments, but Chairman Stratton pressed the petitioners, CFA and USPIRG, to explain their complaints that they did not have enough time to prepare.
He observed that CFA, USPIRG and Consumers' Union claim to represent consumers, so why would they need to bring in additional participants?
One issue that FOE, USPIRG and the deficit hawks at TCS emphatically agree on is national forest road construction.
CONTACT: Friends of the Earth, 1025 Vermont Avenue NW, Suite 300, Washington, DC 20005/(202)783-7400; Taxpayers for Common Sense, 651 Pennsylvania Avenue SE, 2nd Floor, Washington, DC 20003/(202)546-8500; USPIRG, 218 D Street SE, Washington, DC 20003/(202) 546-9707.
USPIRG calls him a "House Zero" for taking polluter PAC cash and then voting to retain polluter subsidies.
CONTACTS: Common Cause, 1250 Connecticut Avenue NW, 6th Floor, Washington, DC 20036/(202)833-1200; Center for Responsive Politics, 1320 19th Street NW, Washington, DC 20036/(202)857-0044; USPIRG, 218 D Street SE, Washington, DC 20003/(202)546-9707.
Campaign finance reform has become a winning issue for USPIRG, which in 1994 was victorious in less-sweeping referendums it ran in Montana, Missouri and Oregon.
League of Conservation Voters (LCV) Rating, D; Citizen Action Superfund PAC Contributions (SPC), $36300; Citizen Fund Chemical Industry PAC Takers (CI), $11,300; Citizens Fund Top Anti-Environmental PAC Takers (CF), $34,800; USPIRG Polluter PAC Funds Index (PIRG), $165,750
USPIRG studied the first session of the 104th Congress for funds taken from PACs relating to timber, grazing, mining, sugar, coal and other related industries.