USPLUnited States Paintball League
USPLUniversal Signal Processing Library (computing)
USPLUran Shipyard Pvt. Ltd. (Mumbai, India)
USPLUS Shipping Partners LP (Edison, NJ)
USPLUnionville Slow Pitch League (Ontario, Canada)
USPLUnited States Price List
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For FY2010, USPL reported an operating income of Rs.
USPL expects most of its growth in coming years to occur with its Trimax product--a fiberglass-reinforced alternative to pressure-treated lumber.
Tie Tek and USPL have both made ties able to carry heavy freight on the railroads' FAST/HAL (Facility for Accelerated Sea-vice Testing/Heavy Axle Load) test at the Transportation Technology Center in Pueblo, Colo.
They knew that any infrastructure they chose needed to be flexible for the long term, reliable, scalable and cost-effective to support their users and a range of database, email and web servers," said Childs, Director of USPL.
However, USPL benefits from its promoter's experience in the industry.
For the 12 months ended December 31,2002, USPL reports revenues of $49.
One way USPL is unique in our industry is that we provide our customers with engineered solutions," added Disbrow.
Russin Lumber is the perfect complement to USPL in both distribution and customer service, and we are thrilled that our products will be selling from Maine to Maryland.
Starting today, USPL will have a laser-like focus on customer service and on selling only our most profitable products.
USPL filed for protection under the provisions of Chapter 11 of the bankruptcy code on July 23, 2004 and is in the process of putting together its reorganization plan.
In addition, the sale provides the Company with working capital to allow USPL to continue to focus on what it believes offers the greatest growth opportunity for the foreseeable future.
USPL continued to benefit from substantially lower interest expense in 2003 as a result of the restructuring of the balance sheet in the second half of 2002, which resulted in lower debt levels and the elimination of certain non-cash interest charges; which had materially impacted the Company's earnings in 2002.