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USPPUnited States Park Police (National Park Service)
USPPUpper San Pedro Partnership (Sierra Vista, AZ)
USPPUnited States Pacifist Party
USPPUnited States Private Placement
USPPUltra-Short-Period Planet (extrasolar)
USPPUtility Service Protection Plan
USPPUniversal Service Preservation Plan (Nynex)
USPPUnited States Pirate Party
USPPUnited for Sanitary Paper Products (Egypt)
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And they're just as pleased at how well they've been able to work with other USPP members.
This stimulated the concerted regional effort of the USPP with its goals to protect human needs, the river, and the fort.
In the case of over-subscription, New HY Notes will be allocated pro rata, and the remaining balance of any subscription would be re-allocated to New Loans or New USPP Notes, as applicable.
The placement agents for the USPP were Japanese banks SMBC, BTMU and Mizuho.
HSBC acted as joint lead placement agent on the USPP, along with American-based JP Morgan, in a deal that saw close collaboration between HSBC's Yorkshire and North East corporate banking centre and debt capital markets division.
The new USPP funding is a single 12 year tranche of USD 250 million with a USD coupon of 3.
Phil Cholak, aviation section commander, said, "Keystone Helicopter's outstanding service during our 15-year relationship has enabled the USPP to fly hundreds of safe missions.
The USPP training regimen covers the management of canine facilities, training and handling of canines, and transportation.
0m per quarter from Q2 levels on repayment of the Group's 2013 USPP Notes.
respect of the refinancing of the USPP Notes if applicable);
The USPP issuance comprised two tranches of notes, $150 million of 12-year notes issued at a coupon rate of 3.
0m per quarter from Q1 levels on repayment of the Group's 2013 USPP Notes.