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USPSUnited States Postal Service
USPSUnited States Power Squadrons
USPSUniversity Support Personnel System (various locations)
USPSUniform Staff Payroll System (software)
USPSUniform Statewide Payroll System (Texas)
USPSUnion of Swiss Philatelic Societies (Switzerland)
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In fact, the USPS is in much better financial health than it says publicly, and above-inflation postage increases are unnecessary.
USPS Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe said that "as online shopping continues to increase exponentially, the Postal Service is very pleased to be able to offer shipping solutions that allow major retailers and customers alike to appreciate the benefits of using the U.
Christopher points out that the contract with the USPS accounts for more than 67% of the total revenues for her company.
Since 1775, the USPS, an independent federal agency that visits more than 144 million homes and businesses every day, receives no taxpayer dollars for routine operations, but derives its operating revenues solely from the sale of postage, products, and services.
When the USPS filed the formal case on September 24, some postal officials expressed serious concern that the revenue request would be insufficient.
Rather than reaching out to consumers with better service, the USPS socks them with ever-increasing rates.
In addition, the HDPE pallets were more readily recyclable than presswood - another USPS goal - and could be designed to permit four-way entry for a pallet jack or forklift to facilitate handling.
Others include utilizing dynamic weighing platforms, efficient folder/inserters, address printers and other automated equipment, and presorting the mail to take advantage of significant USPS discounts.
ConEdison Solutions began collaborating with the USPS New York Metropolitan Area District in 1998 to improve energy efficiency at its facilities.
In the current conditions of economic downturn or even recession, the impact of the Enron implosion and similar stories, it's difficult to sell the idea of making USPS "run like a business.
Nobody understands direct mailing like the USPS and its Direct Mail Web page (www.