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USPSUnited States Postal Service
USPSUnited States Power Squadrons
USPSUniversity Support Personnel System (various locations)
USPSUniform Staff Payroll System (software)
USPSUniform Statewide Payroll System (Texas)
USPSUnion of Swiss Philatelic Societies (Switzerland)
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Amazon, meanwhile, is beefing up its delivery network so it can deliver goods in high-density local markets that were previously handled by USPS. In turn, Amazon is pushing USPS out to the geographic margins, consigning it parcels bound for low-density, more rural addresses that USPS must, by law, serve but which Amazon would find less-profitable.
Garrison also said the company plans to overhaul the building once the USPS is gone.
* the document must be received during the time when a document mailed and postmarked by the USPS would ordinarily be received (e.g., two days from the actual delivery date for a two-day delivery service) [Treasury Regulations section 301.7502-1(c)(1)(iii)(B)(1)], and
In fact, the USPS is in much better financial health than it says publicly, and above-inflation postage increases are unnecessary.
So the USPS cannot operate its primary business successfully.
It's an imperfect science of hitting that cap and PRC probably proposed the best compromise solution to ensure USPS gets as close as possible to the cap, said Stephen Kearney, executive director of the Alliance of Nonprofit Mailers (ANM).
Meanwhile, the USPS lost more than $5 billion last year, and there is little reason to expect any better results in 2012.
However, the USPS is currently at a tipping point due to the combined effects of a large recent decline in volume and revenue that is projected to extend into the future, as well as increases in operating costs.
Industry stakeholders seeking to prevent medication errors due to look-alike and sound-alike product nantes should take note of potential name confusion in computerized direct prescription ordering systems the USP suggests in a recent report.
Additionally, the USPS has agreed to review a regulation that, under some circumstances, authorizes postmasters to request such information from apartment operators.
But seven years later, Aurora, Colorado-based CKB Enterprises considers the USPS an important customer.