USPSAUnited States Practical Shooting Association
USPSAUnited States Power Soccer Association (power soccer governing body; Carmel, IN; est. 2006)
USPSAUnited States Process Servers Association (St. Louis, MO)
USPSAUnited States Public Service Academy (Washington, DC)
USPSAUniversity of the South Pacific Student Association (various locations)
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USPSA started practical pistol shooting in general with shooters bringing out what they had.
I also was avidly competing in USPSA, attending dozens of matches every year (up to and including the National Championships) and practicing regularly.
The first is his chest cavity target pasted onto a USPSA cardboard silhouette.
The buff cardboard of a USPSA target shows laser dots nicely, at least until you get so many holes in it that the dot gets lost beyond the holes.
I would simply note that the USPSA "movement" as such includes a considerable number of respectable citizens.
My son, a noted penny-pincher, competes in USPSA, 3-Gun and IDPA, and he said Ben's class was worth every penny.
I was at a local USPSA match circa 1995 when World Champion Jerry Barnhart showed up with a prototype red dot sight on his compensated 1911.
They cater to practical shooting competitors, and this is a very specialized gun, one optimized for practical shooting competition (USPSA and IPSC) and built for an experienced USPSA Master-class competitor.
A decade ago, the USPSA finished breaking up the "run what you brung" mindset and instituted equipment divisions.
FNH USA LLC introduces the FNH USA Contingency Program to support shooters in the various shooting sports disciplines, including 3-gun, USPSA, long-range precision and practical shotgun matches.
The platform facilitates USPSA mailings for First-Class letters and flats, and Standard MailA letters.