USPSAUnited States Practical Shooting Association
USPSAUnited States Power Soccer Association (power soccer governing body; Carmel, IN; est. 2006)
USPSAUnited States Process Servers Association (St. Louis, MO)
USPSAUnited States Public Service Academy (Washington, DC)
USPSAUniversity of the South Pacific Student Association (various locations)
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Dillon owns the competitive shooting market, and among the USPSA crowd 80-90% of those who handload use Dillon presses, but to me they don't seem mechanically superior to any other design.
The SortEngine Software Platform will also support future options including: IntelliScheme Sort Scheme Optimization based on daily expected mail; Full Service Intelligent MailA barcode (IMb) support; Full Service USPSA Customer Supplier Agreement support; PostalOne
As far as power factor is concerned, the Federal HST, out of the same Stag, made Major for USPSA handgun scoring.
The USPSA will be America's first public service college devoted to developing civilian leaders.
The first is his chest cavity target pasted onto a USPSA cardboard silhouette.
With his Smith & Wesson Performance Center revolver, Miculek has earned titles in the International Revolver Championship, World Shoot-Off Championship, Sportsman's Team Challenge, World Speed Shooting Championship - Revolver Division, USPSA - 3-Gun Division, USPSA Revolver Division, to name a few, including a nomination to the 1991 Top Ten American Handgunner of the Year Award.
I would venture a bet that this particular officer is one of us "gun nuts" who shoots USPSA competitions on weekends.
One other club member, who got his back from a talented local gunsmith after an action tune-up, whupped a good number of C and B Production and Limited shooters in the last USPSA match we held (me being one of them.
In a regular club-level USPSA or IDPA match, you're going to be drawing three, four, five times, which doesn't seem like much, but consider the total stage time you'll spend.
They've been used to win USPSA national and IPSC (International Practical Shooting Confederation) and Bianchi Cup championships in the hands of such shooters as the late, great Ray Chapman and the legendary Ross Seyfried and Mickey Fowler, respectively.
I can, if I take my time, get all my hits on a USPSA target at 25 yards with the Curve, but that is more a testament to dogged persistence than a measure of accuracy.
They cater to practical shooting competitors, and this is a very specialized gun, one optimized for practical shooting competition (USPSA and IPSC) and built for an experienced USPSA Master-class competitor.