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USPTOUnited States Patent and Trademark Office
USPTOUs Patent and Trademark Office
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The recent USPTO guidelines, however, serve to provide greater clarity as to the functional language to be used in patent claims and include examples of patent claim limitations to assist with overcoming patentability rejections by the USPTO.
This patent is expected to be granted once BioInvent has responded to the USPTO's notice.
You should also file your trademarks with the USPTO."
For instance, searching the USPTO database by key words such as 'insurance' reveals 268 patent applications dating back to 2001.
The Korean firm, which filed with the USPTO an intent-to-use application on Feb.
Likewise, after that same court ordered a new trial in the MediaGrid case in 2016, Harmonic sought to have the USPTO cancel the patent claims in Avid's 808 and 309 Patents.
Concurrently, the USPTO has issued the company Notices of Allowance for its four additional US patent applications, also with claims to compositions of matter, that are expected to issue as patents over the next few months.
John Cabeca: The Silicon Valley USPTO just celebrated its first-year anniversary--we opened in October 2015.
Immediately after the Myriad judgment, USPTO again changed its examination strategy towards gene-related innovations.
Trademark records are public documents that can be easily found through a search of the USPTO's Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS) at
This deployment marks a milestone in transforming the way USPTO is able to leverage real-time acquisition status, provide complete process visibility, and facilitate data-driven managerial decision making.