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USRAUndergraduate Student Research Awards (Canada)
USRAUnited States Racquetball Association
USRAUnited States Racing Association
USRAUnited Slot Racers Association
USRAUnited States Revolver Association
USRAUnited Stockcar Racers Association
USRAUnited States Railroad Administration
USRAUnited States Railway Association
USRAUniversities Space Research Association
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Located at USRA headquarters in Columbia, Maryland, the newly created USRA STEMaction Center will expand its reach throughout Maryland and the greater Washington DC region.
8, issued on 21 February 1918, gave the USRA authority over questions of hours and wages.
With no apparent sense of irony, the USRA also reversed many of the government regulations that had contributed to the industry's failure, by raising shipping rates 25 percent and allowing for more pooling of resources.
In her fourth year at Acadia, Burns completed an honours program in chemistry funded by an NSERC USRA.
CESDIS was established in 1988, by NASA, USRA, and the University of Maryland, with the charter to carry out advanced research on computer science issues supporting large-scale NASA data and computational systems for Earth and Space science.
JOAN SCHMELZ is the Director of USRA Operations at Arecibo Observatory.
Stephanie Shipp, Lunar and Planetary Institute, USRA
In January, he did claim he had a window until April to put together a USRA Half Marathon series event around here, but time was running short.
Tremblay had the privilege of spending several summers doing research in Peter Buist, MCIC's bio-organic chemistry lab through NSERC USRA scholarships.
McAdoo, the USRA increased wages on the railways, established an eight-hour workday, eliminated wage differentials, and, perhaps most importantly, provided a forum for Black workers to launch work-related grievances.
Michael Gross, a USRA physicist based at Goddard, has details on nearly 100 of them.
The 1/3mile high-banked dirt bull ring hosts weekly Sunday night events featuring Hobby Stocks, USRA B-modifieds, Late Model Street Stocks, IMA RaceSaver Springs and 410 Outlaw Sprints.