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USRAUndergraduate Student Research Awards (Canada)
USRAUnited States Racquetball Association
USRAUnited States Racing Association
USRAUnited Slot Racers Association
USRAUnited States Revolver Association
USRAUnited Stockcar Racers Association
USRAUnited States Railroad Administration
USRAUnited States Railway Association
USRAUniversities Space Research Association
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8, issued on 21 February 1918, gave the USRA authority over questions of hours and wages.
With no apparent sense of irony, the USRA also reversed many of the government regulations that had contributed to the industry's failure, by raising shipping rates 25 percent and allowing for more pooling of resources.
In her fourth year at Acadia, Burns completed an honours program in chemistry funded by an NSERC USRA.
In the case of a cancellation, the USRA Half Marathon Series can defer the entry to another event in the 23-race series, which of course would be outside Central Mass.
USRA SOFIA senior science advisor Eric Becklin, said: "The crowning accomplishment of the night came when scientists on board SOFIA recorded images of Jupiter.
As the first two Worcester Halfs attracted fields in the 1,000 range, with many security glitches resolved between the first two years, Reinke and the city dared to make this year's event the first in the USRA Half Marathon Series to include the whole 26.
USRA is a private, nonprofit corporation founded in 1969 under the auspices of the National Academy of Sciences.
The Worcester Marathon, the first as a USRA Half Marathon Series event, started simultaneously with the half marathon.
Dean Reinke, who heads up the nationwide USRA Half Marathon series, is showcasing Worcester as the first to upgrade its event to marathon proportions.
announced today that it will sponsor the USRA Super Late Model Series race at the Texas Motor Speedway on June 10.
Recently D-Wave announced the installation of a D-Wave Two system at the new Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab created jointly by NASA, Google and USRA.
According to USRA Half Marathon director Dean Reinke last week, about 600 are registered for the marathon, half marathon or 5K, "and hopefully we're on track to get to 1,000.