USRAPUniform Statutory Rule Against Perpetuities (various states)
USRAPUnited States Refugee Admissions Program (Department of State)
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variables-APTs, USRAP, or NoFIT--are significant at the 5% level.
First, the USRAP results in both Tables 1 and 2 are positive and
adoption of USRAP bad an effect on a state's trust assets.
the USRAP results in Tables i and 2 are not replicated in the other
variable in Table 2, the USRAP coefficient is significant only in Model
That the USRAP results are positive without state-specific
hypothesis that states that adopted USRAP had contemporaneously growing
organized trust bar, and prior to the repeal movement USRAP was popular
Fourth, we are not as confident with respect to USRAP as we are
variable in Appendix Table 1, the USRAP results are at times negative
In sum, our USRAP results allow us to conclude only that the data
do not support the proposition that enactment of USRAP leads to an